I design and teach courses on digital technologies and international relations for undergraduates and masters students.

University of Geneva:

  • Digital technologies, Europe and International Relations (2019, BARI)

Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development:

  • Virtual insecurity (2019, International affairs Summer Programme).
  • Biodiversity Governance in the digital age (2018-2019, Interdisciplinary Programmes).
  • Blockchain technologies and international affairs (2018, Winter and Summer Programmes).
  • LinkedIn (2018, Career Services).
  • Professional networking (2018, Career Services).
  • Digital tools (2017, International affairs Summer and Winter Programmes).

University of Neuchâtel:

  • Global Corporate Governance and Ethics (2019, HRM).

University Pompeu Fabra:

  • Internet Governance: challenges and opportunities (2018, IBEI).

I also collaborate with other public and private institutions to design and teach courses on similar topics, such as GSD (Global environmental governance, 2018 and Digital diplomacy 2017-2019) and EUBS (Digital technologies and communications, 2016 – 2019).