Conference organization

Autumn School in Internet Governance in partnership with Institut Barcelona of International Studies (IBEI), Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and ICANN (2018) in Barcelona, Spain. Academic coordination. Paper on “Blockchain and global governance.”

11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations“The Politics of International Studies in an Age of Crises” EISA (2017), in Barcelona, Spain. Chair of the section entitled “Global Governance in the Internet Age” with four panels. Paper on “Digital Organization Index: how to measure the digitalization of organizations?”

Conference attendances

Technology and ESG Governance Workshop, Warwick University (2019). Presentation on innovative and digital environmental governance.

Digitally resilient democracy, Graduate Institute, Geneva (2019). Presentation on digital tools for environmental governance in Europe.

New Technologies and Human Rights: The Gender Dimension in Education and Work (2019). Presentation on technology adoption and gender.

Cybersecurity Liability (2019), Unige, Geneva, Switzerland. Took part in “Cybersecurity in the Era of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” and “Liability for Artificial Intelligence-based cyberattacks” workshops.

Digital democracy in Europe, Conference of the Foundation “Re-Imagine Europe” (2019), Berlin, Germany. Took part in “Citizen engagement” workshop and in the outcome conference Report: Democracy in a digital society, Re-Imagine Europa and Allea, 2019.

Colloque du Centre de Compétences Dusan Sidjanski en Études Européennes (2018 and 2019) in Geneva, Switzerland. Paper on “Digital technologies and democracy.”

Human Rights and Cyberspace (2018) in Geneva, Switzerland. Paper on “Digital interferences and the freedom to hold opinions in the digital age.”

RUN (2018)  in Geneva, Switzerland. Paper on “A new index to assess digital participation.”

EISA European Workshops in International Studies (2017) in Cardiff, UK. Paper on “Digital technologies and global governance participation”.

Rethinking Stakeholder Participation in Global Governance (2017) in Munich, Germany. Authors’ workshop – Paper on “ICTs and Marginalized Actors in Global Governance”.